Darkness In Darkness And Darkness: The Heart Of Darkness

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618 words




-The Narrator
The narrator remains unidentified through the book.He tells the reader the story Marlow said to him and three other men(the captain or director of the companies,the lawyer and the accountant)when they are on Nellie on London’s River Thame.The narrator is an attentive listener who doesn’t interpret tale.He speaks after when the action is over.

-Charlie Marlow
He is the protagonist of the story.Marlow is a sailor who he loves exploring uncharted areas. With the influence of his aunt,he captains a riverboat through the Congo River into the heart of Africa. His duty find the Kurtz,missing ivory trader.Marlow is traditional hero in many ways: a capable man,honest and tough but he is also damaged and broken man.Through his trip,Marlow says, he heard about Kurtz and admires him but he faces with diffuculties like attack of natives.Finally,Marlow meets Kurtz and he feels close to Kurtz but after the talk between them, Kurtz says, ‘‘I had immense plans,’’ and Marlow thinks Kurtz’s soul is corrupt and mad.Although ...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the narrator remains unidentified through the book. he tells the reader the story marlow told him and three other men when they were on nellie on london's river thame.
  • Analyzes how marlow is a sailor who loves exploring uncharted areas. his duty is to find the missing ivory trader kurtz.
  • Describes marlow as a "universal genius" who is in charge of inner station in the congo.
  • Analyzes how marlow appears in unexpectedly elegant clothes when he meets the chief accountant. he keeps up appearances despite the dying people around him and demoralization in the land.
  • Analyzes how the manager is the main company agent in african territory. he has a talent to control his workers with bad ways.marlow thinks that kurtz tries to take his place.
  • Explains that the brickmaker is a worker at the central station. he makes bricks but he does none because lack of materials.
  • Explains that european traders accompanying to marlow in the jungle carry long wooden staves wherever they go. they want to be part of ivory trading and make profit but can't achive this goal.
  • Explains that marlow respects natives because of their ability to control their cannibalistic nature. he thinks they are better than pilgrims.
  • Narrates how a russian trader admires kurtz and thinks that he is genius.
  • Narrates how the native pilot of the riverboat was killed by a spear. after his death,marlow felt sory.
  • Explains that marlow understands that kurtz will never return. she stands tall when the boat whistle while other natives scare and lay flat themselves.
  • Analyzes how the aunt uses her influences on her friends to find proper position for marlow.
  • Analyzes how marlow's head was measured before he set off on the journey. he doesn't see any of them when they return.
  • Analyzes how marlow visits kurtz's fiancée after her death. she understands that she still loves him.
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