Dark Figure Of Crime Essay

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Crime will always surround us, but it often avoids the attention of monitoring systems which are established to measure the amount of crime and its victims (Skogan, 1977). There is truth in the fact that many crimes are not reported to the police, while other crimes are reported but never recorded. There are many reasons as to why this occurs. Firstly, the phrase “The dark figure of crime” is a concept used by criminologists and sociologists alike. It is a concept used to describe the crimes that remain undiscovered, unrecorded or unreported. It is believed that there is no complete way of identifying how much crime is actually out there, therefore, there is always questionability and doubt in regards to crime statistics as they cannot ever be accurately represented. (Skogan, 1977) This essay will aim to explain some of these reasons why not ally crimes are reported or registered.
For a crime to be registered and recorded in the system, a three step process must take place. Firstly, a person must know that a crime has been committed. This means that any given individual who commits a crime must be aware, or must have been witnessed by a member of the community while committing the crime (Coleman, & Moynihan, 1996) Secondly,the appropriate authorities must be informed either by the person who committed it or an individual who has observed the crime being committed. Although it ishighly unlikely that the offender will report the crime that he/she has committed. And finally, the authorities that have been reported to must also acknowledge and agree that a criminal offense has taken place and has a law has been broken in the act.If one of the three is not followed up, then the crime goes unrecognized. However, if other individuals of ...

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... many years later. Also, a common reason for not reporting criminal offenses is the lack of trust and reliability within the police force.
However, the numbers of unreported crimes has been declining because authorities have to ensured that they will aim to eradicate the fears and limitations that affect the individuals who witness a crime being committed, but fear reporting them. The members of communities and those others who witness crimes will therefore get encouraged reporting them. The surveys that have been established by numerous government and non governing groups reflect a decrease in the number of dark crimes in the recent years..
In conclusion, our knowledge of criminal events is somewhat ambiguous by other sources prone to manipulation and error (Skogan, 1975) unless we report the criminal acts we witness, there will always be a ‘dark figure’ in crime
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