Dari Brittenum "White Crosses"

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Usage of this drug was for short periods of time in weight-control-programs to suppress appetite and to treat narcolepsy. It was also used an vasoconstrictors in inhalant therapy to shrink nasal mucous membrane in conditions as nasal allergies and asthma, This drug had been controversial, when prescribed as a calming effect on hyperactive children.. The medical use of this drug was used in the treatment of narcolepsy and attention-deficit. It is a white powder, colorless, volatile liquid used as a central nervous system stimulant in the treatment of the Neurological condition; it is odorless and has a bitter taste. Structurally a sympathomimetic amine was considered a psychostimulant and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Because of its potential for abuse, it is prescribe in the most restrictive classification for a drug with medical usefulness. The chemical compound is structurally acts primarily by trigging release of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin from presynaptic neurons. It can produce severe systemic effects including cardiac irregularities and gastric disturbances, chronic use often results in insomnia, hyperactivity, irritability and aggressive behavior. Addition to this drug could cause death for over exhaustion or cardiac arrest. This drug is used mostly by truck drives and student with a heavy study load and athletics that have to do a lot of hours and little rest time, to be alert. It was first known in the 1887, Methamphetamine, made from ephedrine and other chemicals in laboratories in the United States of Mexico; experience use in the United States in 1990’s and the abuse has increased worldwide. This drug can be inhaled,... ... middle of paper ... ...alm down, but it is not food for them at an early age, and it is highly controversial by the medical field that they should not be given to early. There should be another method to help with their hyperactivity. As far as using speed to help with weight loss, or trying to stay up to for a test it is not a good choice. However, we know that students use all types of methods to keep them up trying to get good grades, and stay in the loop with their friends, and truck drivers having to drive long distances in a short period of time I have had personal experience on this drug, trying to lose weight at a younger age, I used to work long hours or had to drive for a long period of time, it was a high of speed, and no appetite, and crash and burn. Thank goodness I came to my senses to know that this was hurting my body more than anything, so I stopped using this drug.

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