Dante's Inferno Summary

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Dante’s Inferno begins with Dante who is lost in the dark woods trying to ascend the mountain. He is blocked by three terrifying beasts, and turns back because out of fear. The ghost of Virgil appears before him in the dark woods, and wants to help guide Dante back on the correct path. Virgil is permitted by the heavens to take Dante through hell so that he may eventually reach heaven. Dante must overcome sin in his quest through hell, or he will be trapped there.
Dante wants to be reunited with his love, Beatrice, and receive God’s love. As he ventures through the bowels of hell with Virgil, he visits many of the damned souls in the circles of hell. Some of the punishments witnessed by Dante cause him to lose consciousness. Many of the creatures in the depths of hell try to stop Dante from advancing, but are thwarted because Dante is guided by God and his loved ones. Several attempt to kill Dante themselves, but with no success. Virgil guides Dante through the dangers of hell once again.
Dante witnesses the punishment that each sinner receives, and listens to their stories so that he may pass them on the world of the living. Each punishment corresponds to the sins that were committed on earth. Dante realizes, the farther down into the depths of hell they go, the more extreme the punishments. Some of the punishments the souls receive render them unrecognizable. Dante is slowly becoming used to the terror he is witnesses.
Throughout his journey, Dante comes across many familiar names and faces. Some of them recognize Dante, and try to share their stories. Dante shows remorse for some of these souls, but understands that their punishments are well deserved. He realizes that feeling sorry for them is useless because it is their own...

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...commit, so that we may fix our mistakes and stop ourselves from repeating them. Dante challenges himself on his journey through hell to face these sins like we do in everyday life. These sins have dire consequences for those who do not learn.
Dante’s experiences in Inferno reflect the battles that everyone of Christian faith faces in their everyday life. We are all challenged by these sins daily. Dante mentions the” journey of our life” on page one; he means everyone’s journey in life to find God. Dante teaches us that we must face sin in order to live a virtuous, proper life. Sin is represented as the dark forest that surrounds Dante when he has lost his path. Virgil is the light of God guiding him through the dark forest. Virgil also represents your significant others in life, as they are the ones who keep you on the correct path. No one can find the path alone.
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