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“By a lie a man throws away and, as it were, annihilates his dignity as a man.” (Kant) In other words, I believe Kant was saying that there is nothing worse a person can do to themselves than to tell a lie, or withhold information. In the Huckleberry Finn dilemma, Immanuel Kant would believe that Huck’s decision was the wrong one, and lying no matter what the consequences of telling the truth may bring, is an immoral choice. For “an action, to have moral worth, must be done from duty.”(Kant) Huckleberry’s societal duty is to report to the officials with the truth, and at this time in society it is against to law to be helping a black man escape and prevent his persecution. Even though Kant believes that parts of slavery is irrational, the subjective morality in Huck’s case is undeniable, and to not fulfill his duty is irrational, and or immoral.
Kant believes that the foundation of slavery is wrong, however only that the contract to bind a human being is irrational not touching that owning a person and treating them as property is wrong. With that being said, Kant would argue that even though the foundation of slavery is wrong, the laws and legislation binding the specified owners to the rights of the slaves, and by having their property stolen is immoral. The contracts that bind a humans rights to be owned by another is considered wrong, and irrational, but going against the laws the uphold this, is considered the far more immoral. Immanuel believes that both moral law and public laws are alike, for that they both apply to everyone the same. Also, he accepts that duty and an individual’s interest are conflicting, so it is only moral to act by duty. Huck is abandoning his duty and only acting in his own interests, furthermore he ...

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...considered lying? Deeming a race of people into a category even though there is no statistics or accurate reasons, and only to make one self’s image superior. Another philosopher named, Chris Headley, goes into great detail about the consequences of whiteness.
Sharing similar beliefs as Jones and Birt, Headley would also agree how Huck was moral by lying to protect his value of whiteness and blackness. I believe Headley would say that if Huck told the truth then he would be giving into the “…immorality of white supremacy.”(Headley 102) In other words, if he gave up his friend he would be giving up reality and accepting false white supremacy beliefs. Giving in to ignorance is one of the most immoral acts an individual can commit. Just as Gustave Flaubert once said “Here is true immorality: ignorance and stupidity; the devil is nothing but this. His name is Legion.”
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