Daniel Levinson: The Midlife Crisis

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In transitioning into later adulthood, being in the midlife of one’s life, there can be the crisis one may face and might begin to act abnormal to how they would act before. It can be described as a “midlife crisis.” According to Daniel Levinson, the ages between 40-45 is considered the mid-life transition phase, which can also be considered a crisis period (Levinson 1978, p.21) There are numerous people who in their forties suffer from issues of the structure of their life and might be struggling transitioning from their “peak,” or so they think. Levinson specifically focused on the transitional period in a man’s life where he might be having issues transitioning in now that during this age, a man has more burdens to bear, possibly more responsibility…show more content…
It was common that the men in that time came from more stability from the families that raised them and were able to be the only one who had to work so the wife didn’t have to. Today, we have higher divorce rates, both parents often working in one household and different stressors that are dealt with by people these days. It seems that there are many diseases and illnesses that are burdening copious amounts of people that can be an added stress to someone or their loved ones. There can be different meanings of a midlife crisis for everyone and whether or not people even believe in a midlife crisis. One of the main new ideas that what can cause a midlife crisis, is the provocation of a stressful event or change in self. This idea has been researched some and as written in the article by Elaine Wethington said that outside events such as job loss or divorce could cause such a crisis in one’s life at that stage where a person in their forties is believing that their life may be coming to an end and they begin to think about the idea of death (2000.) There are many other theories where anyone can think of a reason as to why someone might be going through a midlife crisis. A mixture of the things that were stated can also be indicators as to why someone may be going through a midlife crisis. Not ever person goes through this while in the transitional stage, but both men and women have reported it. One of the main differences in the research today is that women are included in this because they can go through the same things and stressors in life that a man
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