Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence

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“Emotional intelligence is the art of making peace with the entire emotional spectrum. It is not about suppressing your feelings. It is about conducting your feelings in a self- identifying way.” T.K Coleman a famous philosopher believes that emotions are versatile and that feelings should be identified and accepted which is the same idea of “Emotional Intelligence” an excerpt from “The World of Psychology” by Ellen Green Wood and Samuel Wood. This reading explains that emotional intelligence is said to be a self-knowledge which involves managing one’s emotions, self-motivation, and empathy. Emotional intelligence is essential to be successful in school, relationships and work. People should have good management over their emotions. Every…show more content…
In this reading, Daniel Goleman a well known psychologist insists that the goal is balance and that every feeling has its own value and significance. He also says that people high in emotional intelligence have learned how to manage their moods and not let anger, boredom, or depression ruin their days. He says that if negative activities become a problem, people can set up activities that will keep their mind distracted. I totally agree with his idea of emotional management. I believe that if people split their problems or concerns and give each one its time they can live an easier life. Actually, it is interesting when Goleman said that to have better management we can activities because I think that really works . For instance, going out with friends, watching a movie, or doing anything for distraction. When people do these these kind of activities they feel happier and relaxed. Oscar Wilde, a famous novelist best known for his novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey” said “ I do not want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I…show more content…
Motivation is a strength that helps people to be persistent and not fail. When people is motivated and persistent on what they want, it is more likely that their goals will be achieved. Sometimes people get frustrated, but they should keep moving forward. Based on the reading, self-motivation is strength of self-control that enables a person to get moving and pursue worthy goals, persist at tasks even when feeling frustrated and resisting temptation to act on impulse, Not only that, also the ability to postpone immediate gratification and to be persistent in working towards greater future gain is most related to success. This part really caught my attention because I think this is true. When someone is persistent, small gratifications are good but not enough because there are better and greater ones. This is how people learn to get motivated to achieve bigger goals in life. I believe that when someone act with impulse they can still achieve goals but that people are called conformists, they are good with whatever they get. On the contrary, motivated people achieve long-term goals. In a “Ted Talk” video Joachim de Posada, best known as the co-author of the book “ Don’t eat the Marshmallow” which is a test where they give kids a marshmallow and tell them that if in fifteen minutes they get to resist from eating it, the will get another one afterwards. This test shows that the kids that did not eat the marshmallow are more

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