Dangers of Obesity

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The Dangers of Obesity
Obesity is a medical condition where fat in the body could cause serious conditions in your body. Obesity is a serious problem in the United States. It is putting people at a serious risk for many diseases, such as heart diseases, diabetes, some forms of
Cancer, and sleep disturbances. It is a serious condition in the all over the world and needs to be corrected. It is thought that overeating and lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits causes weight gains among adults and children. It is a major concern today and needs to be corrected.
There have been so many studies about the obesity among the children today. Should the parents be blamed? Millions of children are obese today. I believe in some cases, the parents should be trained in how to help their child. They should train the parents in ways to keep their child from being obese. Foods, such as fast food, fried foods, soda, ,and candy needs to be stopped. The parents need to intervene to help their child. A proper diet and increased activity would help the children from being obese. I believe schools should also be responsible to increase the physical activities for the children.
Obesity continues to grow all over the world. There is no real answer to the problem. Reducing obesity is a tremendous problem, as it is very difficult to find an answer to the problem. The problem of obesity is so difficult to control and the medical doctors become frustrated as they can not find a cure or even control obesity. It is such a complex problem.
It seems a big problem for adults to control obesity and they will often develop Type II diabetes. The benefits of healthy eating is very important. It will increase their energy and he...

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... parents about good diets and the importance of physical exercise of children. She stresses that parents should train their children. She stresses the ways to help improve childhood obesity. She discusses that one out of three children in the United States is obese and another third is overweight. During a recent speech that she recently gave, she stated that if our nation does not change, about half of all Americans will be overweight by the year 2020. She stresses the need for parents to step up and help the diets of their children. She also speaks to the schools to increase their physical activities.
We need to follow Michelle Obama’s advice and all help improve the nutrition and diet of our adults and our children. It would help prevent children and adults from becoming obese. It is a goal that we can achieve and keep our children and adults healthy.
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