Dangers Of Cyberbullying

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Should schools have cyberbullying policies? Most schools now to this day have policies that involve any harassment towards another student. But what these policies don’t get involve with is the bullying that happens on social media during school grounds or after school where most cyberbullying incidents take action. Therefore, in order to stop cyberbullying one must consider is dangers and effects that has on its victims and consider a punishment for the bully harsh decisions. Cyberbullying is more common than one might think; it not only affects the victims but also the people around them and their performance at schools. Cyberbullying has been used for a very long time, on social media, schools and sexual harassment. Cyberbullying can be…show more content…
Such matters are also overlook and not punish or held responsible for the consequences. Cyberbullying can ruin a person’s life and the way they think about themselves but this is not what a bully thinks about when harassing its victims. Such pain can be cause by just saying a few harsh words that the victim will take it in a bad way not knowing what to do or how to deal with it. Bullies often do this for fun or to get attention but not often they think of what might the victim be felling or how their reaction to all this levels of harassment might do to him or her. Faculties also overlook this and temp to just give the bully a waning or just have a talk with him or her parents. But what are these actions going to do most likely the bully will keep harassing the victim putting this person’s life at risk. Faculties should consider that such bully is playing with a person’s life and can really make a big impact on them. Gerdes Louise, author and editor, states, “Targets of cyberbullying can experience emotional distress, including anger, frustration, embarrassment, sadness, fear, and depression” (par. 9). Cyberbullying victims will try to defend themselves from being harass but why should they get punish for engaging in the act, this is just a way of self-defense of what the victim is encountering. This is what schools overlook thinking teens are just acting up looking for trouble and don’t take action until something really bad happens but is too late to get
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