Dangers Of Cell Phones

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Health Risks of Cell Phones Health risks have started to be associated with radiation exposure from certain technological devices. Cell phones are popular in society today. Ever since the discovery of the device back in the late 1900’s, people have been interested in what they can do. Over the years cell phones have developed into bigger and better objects. Researchers have helped to make cell phones appealing to all ages in society. Cell phones have become easier to use because of the size, shape, and way they are now made. Back in the late 1900’s cell phones were large and bulky, and a person could only talk to someone. Now a day’s people can call and text a person, and see what someone is up to. One thing that has become popular to teenagers,…show more content…
Overuse of cell phones poses both physical and psychological health risks. Cell phones are an issue in today’s society. By people spending most of their time glued to their mobile devices, they are creating an issue for themselves. There are experiments that have been done that show that the human’s cells and body tissue can be damaged. “Under Dr. Carlo’s direction, scientists found that cell phone radiation caused DNA damage, impaired DNA repair, and interfered with cardiac pacemakers” (Kovach 4). Cancer has started to be linked to electromagnetic wave radiation. This is because of cell phones, televisions, and various other technologies. Not only physical affects are a result, but what most people do not know is that your mental health is affected too. People in society that are addicted to their cell phones do not interact with other people as much face to face, as to someone who is not always on their phone. The way you communicate with others is different, you are not as interactive. Certain types of health risks, mental and physical, have become linked to overexposure to cell…show more content…
Not only that but when people are on their cell phones it causes us to keep ourselves from falling asleep. My therapist, Stacey Welch, understands the mental health effects that occur because of people overusing their mobile devices. Welch says that “so much is texting and because of this we lose out on a huge percentage of language (non-verbal), the face to face interaction. People in today’s society do not care as much about things as past generations did. Technology has certainly changed society for the worse. Psychological effects are also a main part of the health risks that occur because of exposure to technology. Some people will disagree that cell phones, or any other technology, affect you physically or psychologically, because the evidence that there is, is not that concrete. People do not agree with recent studies that cell phones exhibit problems.”Concerns about radiation from cell phones causing a variety of health problems are greatly overexaggereated” (Mooney 33). It is hard to prove to people that cell phone’s emit radiation because the experiments done are not as

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