Dangerous Plastic Surgery

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Dangerous Plastic Surgery in Foreign Countries

Many people seek plastic surgery when they want to correct something about themselves common procedures are liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentatio, and botox injections but in the U.S plastic surgery can be very expensive, so that causes people to look for a better price for the procedure they want to get. And this is when they go look in foreign countries where everything is cheaper than the U.S. And because these people are so dessperate to find a cheaper price to enhance their apperance they will go anywhere were it might be cheaper but not safe. There is no doubt that money can be saved by traveling to other countires but the problems that may result can be far more coslty immideatly and in the long term. These people are visiting foreign countries for cheap surgery' class='brand-secondary'>plastic surgery and healthcare but they are risking their lives when they are having major surgical procedures performed by unqualified practitioners.
People always want everything cheaper, and sometimes it is not what they want but it is what they can afford. A lot of people choose to get plastic surgery procedures done and sometimes they need plastic surgery procedures to correct deformities, birth defects or other health issues. And when they find the price to high in the U.S they go look in other places like Mexico, India, Colombia, Thailand, and Europe. They get cheaper prices but not always the best quality or safety. The cost of surgeries in these countries is about half to one third of that in the US. A breast augmentation in the US costs $7,000, but in India only $2,000. The Dominican Republic is also becoming a very popular place for breast augmentation and liposuction. On her essay “Plastic Surgery Tourism...

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... have this kind of regulations.
The number of people dying in foreign countries during plastic procedures is increasing there is also a high number of people with complications, infections and people that end up deformed. Many women have gone back home to the U.S with deep wounds in their buttocks, mutilated breasts, and some have died. There has been reports where women thought they were getting Botox injections and instead they had car oil injected and in another case a woman got injected with cement. Many people discover what these fake plastic surgeons have done to them but when they go back to confront the person who did it to them they usually never find then there anymore. Unqualified practitioners use hidden places and they move around a lot, that way once they do the patients surgery they can’t be found anymore, all they want is to get away with the money.

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