Dancing, Vodka, Sex: Ivan Braginsky

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Despite his size, Ivan Braginsky was an extremely graceful man. Coming from Russia, a land infamous not only for the mystery and treacherous terrain, but also it’s stereotypical form of entertainment, ballets. Over six feet tall, this goliath could be surprisingly stealthy, leaving world conferences when they became too tedious for his liking, sneaking up behind his prey (America, for the hell of it) and various other grievances that the nations complained of. Except, sometimes one could not help but stare at such a beautiful man. Yes, beautiful. There were times when even his worst of enemies couldn’t help but gawk at his smooth, soundless footsteps, or the elegant way his arms would progress with his strides. Finally anyone would be shocked to see him dance, it was just... Thats where Ludwig’s train of thought promptly ended, his brain had short circuited and he was at an inconvenience. One, there was a tall, sexy Russian who, -only moments ago- had been the undisputed ruler of the dance floor. Two, he was giving the poor german a rather heated look, or maybe heated was not the proper word for it it was an I want you look and it nearly made him blush. Three, Ivan was beaconing to him with one, long finger, had the nation been drunker, Germany was sure he would’ve joined him without hesitation. Filthy American music blasted through the expensive speakers in the back of the room. Ludwig vaguely registered the lyrics as something lewd and raunchy, it seamed to perfectly sum up the gestures he was receiving from Russia. Ivan, who was obviously fead up with the German’s unresponsive behavior, strode toward him at a quick pace, not stopping until he was mere inches away from those icy blue eyes and soft, temptin... ... middle of paper ... ...as the twosome released. Ivan slowly pulled himself out of the other, and grinned sleepily, Germany however just collapsed very ungracefully unto the bed like a rag doll. Russia fell next to him and smiled. “Good, da?” He yawned, stretching out his arms to put one around the blond and pull him close. “Ja. May I, may I stay the night?” Germany asked, Ivan looked surprised momentarily, but nodded, “Da, stay as long as you like~” Ludwig was conflicted suddenly, and Russia could see it. “Vhat is it Ludovik?” His accent was getting more prominent as he was getting tired. “What if...What I like is...forever?” The German turned away shamefuly. “Then...You may stay.” He smiled, the corners of Germany’s mouth turned upward. The happy moment lasted till they slept. But Ludwig was wondering if he was going to regret this when he was sober in the morning.

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