Dance with the Devil; Chapter 1: Benjamin

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The guys and I had decided to call a hiatus on the band. We just recently told the public. Chad told an outright lie to the paparazzi. He said that if everyone got off out backs we would be back soon. Honestly we were leaving LA to go back to Pennsylvania. We had no ideas whatsoever so we are going back to take a break. We got here about a week ago. We are living in a mansion about 10 minutes away from a big park. That's where we were headed now.

"I still can't believe that you lied." Mark said while shaking his head.

"Yeah that had to have been your first time!" Aaron added. He was walking backward so he could face the three of us. Chad didn't say anything. He just continued walking and took their taunting.
We made it to the park in silence. Once there I spotted a large crowd. And it wasn't because of us.

"Hey guys what do you think that's about?" I asked, nodding my head at the crowd. We all had the same thought and walked over. When we saw what they were crowded around, we stopped dead in our tracks. At first, it looked like a 14 year old girl. A stunning 14 year old girl to be exact. But by the way she was standing it tipped me off that she was older. She had to be at least 17. Probably older. I heard Mark whistle under his breath.

"There's something about her." Chad mumbled to me.

"I know what you mean." I responded. And I did know. Something about her made you want to keep your distance.

"Look how everyone is keeping back. Strange huh?" Aaron said quietly. Everyone had formed a sort of ring around her. She had a hat in front of her for tips, but nobody approached her. They just tossed the money toward her, not wanting to leave the safety of everyone around them. That's when I realized that she was singing. She h...

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...t him. I could distinctly hear a whimper escape him. It must really hurt, because he was the one out of all of us that could take the most pain. His shirt was also nowhere to be found. She got on her knees beside his fallen body. Her hand went over his heart. His cries of agony echoed around us. He was trying desperately to get away from her but wasn't able to. She kept her hand there. Finally she moved it and he stopped thrashing around. "Now you can be near me without pain." She said calmly and stood up. She offered her hand to help him up. Chad stared at it but grabbed it anyways. She pulled him to his feet. He raced over to us. On his chest, right over his heart, was a tattoo. It was a pentagram with a cross weaved through it and the cross had Chad's name on it. We all turned to her, except Chad who was trying to see what the tattoo looked like.

"Who are you?"
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