Dance- A journey of a Believer

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Shifali is an eleven-year-old girl, who is passionate about Bharathanatyam. In addition excelling in school, she attends a dance academy to pursue her passion of dancing. Dancing makes her happy and even though it requires hard work, she never complains. She is willing to do anything to reach her dream of becoming an excellent dancer.
Mrs. Asha, Shifali’s instructor, admires Shifali’s unique style of performance and wants to showcase Shifali’s talent. One day Asha receives an invitation from Dance Achievement Center, a famous organization that fosters youth dance talent. She shares the news with her students, and explains that it was an honor to receive the invitation. She was proud that her students were going to perform at the event. She also explained that she had chosen Shifali to perform a solo dance to display the school’s talent. It was a joyous day for the dance school, but an ecstatic day for Shifali.
Filled with joy, Shifali ran home as she could not wait to share the news with her parents. Her parents were excited to hear the news and were proud of her. Shifali and her mom created a practice schedule. Shifali soon began to realize that it was a tiresome and a time consuming schedule. She knew that her studies came first, but her desire to excel in dance was getting in the way of her studies. She was losing concentration. She realized that she needed to relax, in order to focus her attention in the right direction.
One day, Shifali was thinking about her tough schedule and not focusing on where she was walking. She stepped onto the crosswalk and into oncoming traffic. Tires screeched, brakes squealed, and she turned too late to see a car coming towards her. The next thing Shifali knew was that she was in a strange ...

... middle of paper ... and cry at the same time. Her parents explained that the school, her friends and Asha had pitched in to buy Shifali the leg. She was overwhelmed to see that there were so many people who believed in her.
The new leg, and encouragement from her family boosted Shifali’s confidence, and allowed her to focus on her dance. She stayed motivated, and self-disciplined throughout the tough training classes. She never wavered from her goal of becoming a talented dancer. Every day was an improvement over the day before.
When the performance day arrived, Shifali’s supporters were nervous. Shifali on the other hand was calm and confident. When her name was announced she entered the stage believing that it was her day to shine. Shifali’s performance was extraordinary and she received a standing ovation. As the music ended one word kept ringing in her ears, ‘Believe’.
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