Dale and the Stang

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Our story is about a man named Dale. Dale is a man of humble beginnings. Raised in a small town in Northeastern Nebraska, Dale was your average boy. He went to school, played baseball, rode his bike, and got into mischief as most young boys do. He was raised in a good family with all the love and care anyone could ask for. He often look back in his life at his upbringing, at the lessons his father had taught him, to base his decisions that he would have to make in life. To be fair, just, honest, and most of all to never give up. But there was always something that burned in him something that he couldn't place. A fire waiting for a spark. Dale went through school fairly easily without much effort. He got good grades and excelled at sports. As with most youth he did not put much thought into what he wanted to become when he grew up. Serious thought anyway. Of course every child wants to be an astronaut when they grow up. Or a soldier, a Marine, a professional baseball player, and even the President of the United States! Dale wanted to do all of these things at some point in time but like all the other ambitions he had, they came and went. As Dale got older and started high school the conversation of what Dale wanted to do with his life got more serious. His parents told him that he needed to be more serious with school, even though it bored him, it was important. "Mom, Dad, I know, ok. I will do my best," he would say knowing full well his interest wasn't in school at all. Dale's interest lied in sports and activities with friends and social interaction. Dale knew that he could be a straight A student if he wanted too, but he was more interested in playing sports and hanging out with his friends. Dales life took a drastic chang... ... middle of paper ... ...the cops was to not slow down. "AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" Jim screamed as they went into the turn and came out the perpendicular end going about 70 mph. "Whoooo Hoooo! What a rush!" Dale exclaimed. Continuing to travel at the same speed and make the same maneuvers Dale was finally satisfied that they shook the cops. "Alright we either ditch the car or take it back." he said. "Well you know we have made it this far lets try and take it back without getting caught." Jim suggested. "No we are leaving the car here." Dale replied. "Well well well what do we have here?" an unpleasantly familiar voice said. Dale hesitantly looked to the driver side window and it was as he had feared Sheriff Johnson. "You boys are in a heap of trouble, do you have anything to say for yourselves?" Dale looked at Jim then looked at the sheriff and said, "Yea… Peace." Then slammed on the gas.

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