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Dale Earnhardt Bio
Dale Earnhardt was among one of the best nascar racecar drivers of all time. One of his amazing accomplishments was he had 76 wins throughout his career. He also has changed the way our safety in every way of racing. Many lives have been saved because of his bad crash there was more and more safety requirements leading up to today's equipment not only in NASCAR, but on every track across the nation.
Ralph Dale Earnhardt was born on April 29, 1951, in Kannapolis, North Carolina to his father, Ralph Lee Earnhardt. He was the main reason he got into racing because he was always having his sons working on his cars and racing with him. When he was younger he dropped out before high school to become a full time race car driver, therefore would help his dad work on racing events held all over the South. The more Earnhardt watched his father win races, the more it fueled his drive to want to race.(http://voices.yahoo.com/biography).
In 1978 Earnhardt signed for his first sponsorship with Rod Osterlund to start the season and win his first race on the NASCAR circuit at the Southeastern 500 in Bristol. By the end of the racing season, he had become the first driver to win over $200,000 in his rookie year he was awarded with NASCAR's Rookie of the Year honors. (http://www.biography.com/people/dale/earnhardt). In the following year he would also go on to win his first points championship coming in close with veteran drive Cale Yarborough.
One of the other things that dale was known for was his nicknames. One of his many nicknames was " The Intimidator ". Because of his aggressive style of driving some drivers would think of him as a lion stalking...

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...like a fireproof driving suit and gloves. They also are designed so that the rear and front sections on the car crush easier on impact and the middle sections are stronger so that way it takes more force off the driver in a crash, also to keep the car on the ground during the crash they added roof flaps to keep the car from becoming airborne. Another way it helps is the way the cars are designed. Because of the design the body panels there made so low to the ground it helps them stick to the ground creating tremendous amounts of downforce.

Dale Earnhardt Sr was among one of the most well known and loved drivers in NASCAR history. He has changed the way the nascar circuit thinks about the design and safety requirements of the technology. He has also changed the design of NASCAR and many other kinds of racing designs not only the cars but the tracks.

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