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Abstract - Over the past 100 years modern science has been responsible for some miraculous inventions to aid the delivery of medical treatment such as the x-ray machine, ultra sound technology and the cochlear implant. One of the latest improvements is in the field of robotic surgery, which is redefining the way in which patients undergo procedures. Not to be confused with computer-aided surgery, robotic surgery utilizes the robot to actually perform the manual tasks of the surgery. In fact, there is no second thought that robotic arm performs the surgery under the assistance of a doctor. In this research paper we have explored the working of robotics arm, the benefits of conducting patients operations via robotic arm, the problems faced in…show more content…
1 Da Vinci Robotic Arm
A. Composition
The most popular example of robotic arm is the Da Vinci Surgical System [4, 5] from Intuitive Surgical. This system is divided into four key elements. Fig. 2a Instruments used by Da Vinci robotic arm Fig. 2b Doctor sitting on his console
• The surgeon’s console allows the surgeon to operate the controls with his or her fingers (Fig. 2b) and specialized tools (Fig. 2a) from a seated position. Fig. 3 Telescopic view seen by doctor at his/her end
• The vision system integrated into the console provides viewing of the surgical field via a 3D image. It features a tiny telescope, which is placed inside an incision in the patient’s body. The telescope takes images from two points, which are relayed back to a console so the surgeon has a 3D image on-screen while he operates (Fig. 3).
• The patient-side cart comprises three or four robotic arms, two or three instrument arms and one endoscope arm that perform the commands as dictated by the surgeon.
• Wrist instruments enable the surgeon to perform tasks such as clamping and stitching as they are designed with seven degrees of motion that mimic the dexterity of the human hand and wrist.
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This product won't see that kind of commercial application for a long time. Right now, its goal is to help patients with paralysis. This technology is supported by a video that demonstrates the technology shows a 58-year-old woman who has been physically paralyzed for 15 years. She has no control of her arms or legs. And yet, with BrainGate's robotic arm, she was able to grasp a thermos, raise it to her mouth, and drink. That's the level of precision that the incredible device offers. According to BrainGate, this marked the first time in 15 years that the woman was able to have a sip of coffee without the help of another person. The implications are of course potentially vast. These are the kinds of stories that are hidden in upcoming

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