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“The raison d’etre of any museum is the collection of objects” (Paris, 2002:43). Museums have the unique responsibility to the public to provide a space where people can connect with the past (or present) through their collections. Objects are meant to stimulate thought and reflection. People learn best when they are engaged. Museums can engage the public through their ability to communicate through artifacts. Artifacts used in dark tourism are especially valuable in that *** The initial collection at the USHMM was over 10,000 items comprised mainly of donations from survivors. These, in particular, are infused with emotion and educational value. Reproductions and/or contemporaneous items can be used, but there is something more powerful to be said when using authentic items. As the years continued, the collection grew to about 32,000 objects, among which a casting of the only remaining segment of the Warsaw ghetto wall, two Zyklon-B canisters, a Danish rescue boat, a railcar, victims’ shoes and 9 kilograms of women’s hair. These artifacts were “given an important role in the narrat...

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