DNA Interactions Between Proteins

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DNA: Interactions between Proteins Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a molecule that contains the genetic makeup of almost all living organisms. While Deoxyribonucleic Acid, or DNA, has been successfully mapped out, many of its interactions with certain proteins and enzymes have not been fully revealed within the atomic level. The history and mysteries of DNA continue to fascinate biologists and chemists alike. However, we must question, who was the first to discover DNA, and what scientists have done to further enhance our understanding of it? In short, DNA was first isolated by physician Friedrich Miescher in 1869; in 1937, William Astbury became the first person to produce an x-ray diffraction pattern of the DNA molecule. Sixteen years latter, Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase demonstrated DNA as the genetic material of living organisms in the famous Hershey-Chase experiment. However, it was not until James D.Watson and Francis Crick, was the structure of DNA finally discovered. It was from Watson and Crick’s discoveries that the scientific world became familiar with the double helix, or essentially a twisted ladder. Soon enough, DNA was further analyzed. It was later discovered that DNA consisted of the sugar deoxyribose, phosphate, and one of four different nucleic acids: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. The three structures together create what became known as a nucleotide. Each DNA molecule consists of hundreds of these nucleotides, with the only change in nucleic acids, which may be referred to as nitrogenous bases or bases for short. As mentioned before, DNA has the structure of a double helix, and therefore is double stranded with one strand moving from the 5’-3’ and the other moving from 3’-5’. This... ... middle of paper ... ...ere unique molecular properties heavily assist in this procedure. Without these three amino acids that are contained in the protein DNA polymerase, DNA replication may never have been possible. All in all, DNA may bind and interact with other proteins that have yet to be described under the atomic level. References "DNA." Wikipedia. Wikipedia. Davis. 27 July 2007. PDB: Protein Data Bank. 24 July 2007. 27 July 2007 . Waffer, Kitty A. "Glossary of Technical Terms." More Life. 3 Mar. 2006. 7 July 2007 Serine." Eppendorf. Jan.-Feb. 2007. 27 July 2007

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