DNA Donation: A Personal Choice

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Moral choices, ethical dilemmas, personal biases, and strong opinions tend to go hand in hand; you certainly cannot have one without the other. The topic of this paper is an ethical dilemma that will cause me to make a moral choice; I am also personally biased and strongly opinionated in regards to the situation. The topic is the donation of my DNA for a research study; the goal of the study will be to find a variant of a gene that will resist specific bacterial diseases. If the company succeeds in finding this gene, it may be able to produce a drug to sell to people who have these diseases. This paper will attempt to cover three main questions in order to cover this topic. Would I agree to have my DNA be part of the study? Would I want royalties for my part in finding the gene? If during testing it was discovered that I had a gene that might result in a health problem later in life, would I want to be informed? Would you agree to have your DNA be part of the study? Personally, I would never have any type of genetic testing or research done on myself. While I am an advocate of the field of Genetics and Genomics, and I see the benefits they are trying to achieve; it is not something that I would participate in due to the risks. The risks of genetic research studies and testing are the reason behind the ethical dilemmas. The questions posed by these studies are endless; Are we responsible enough to handle this kind of science? If one participates in this kind of study who becomes the owner of their genetic code? Who controls the use of genetic information obtained from these studies? Once we can control and manipulate DNA, will it be enough for us or will we always want more? Will this lead us to a new wave of eugenics; where we ... ... middle of paper ... ...oadcast Station (PBS). Bookman, E. B., Langehorne, A. A., Eckfeldt, J. H., Glass, K. C., Jarvik, G. P., Klag, M., ... Luepker, R. V. (2006). Reporting genetic results in research studies: Summary and recommendations of an NHLBI working group. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, 140A(10), 1033-1040. doi: 10.1002/ajmg.a.31195 National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). (2010, April 9). Policy and Legislation Database (United States). Retrieved from http://www.genome.gov/PolicyEthics/LegDatabase/PubSearchResult.cfm National Institutes of Health (NIH). (2011, February 27). Genetics home reference - Your guide to understanding genetic conditions (United States, National Institutes of Health (NIH)). Retrieved from http://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/handbook/testing/uses Niccol, A. (Writer). (1997). Gattaca [Motion picture on DVD]. Columbia Pictures: Jersey Films.

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