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Once upon a time, DJ mixtapes were for the faithful. Today, it's the opposite – everyone can access them, and more and more, they do. By the time you finish this sentence, 20 more live-casts and podcasts, club and stadium sets, amateur and pro, old and new, will go up on SoundCloud, and 20 more on Mixcloud. It's overwhelming, but it's also a treasure trove, as this chronological selection of 20 of the best we heard in the first half of 2013 proves.

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Essential Mix (February 16th)

Hamburg DJ Tensnake's approach on his 2010 club banger "Coma Cat" – friendly, assured, patient – typifies this Radio 1 showpiece. It begins slowly, with Alice Coltrane, but rides a steady arc to far giddier grooves – especially the second hour, where Todd Terje's remix of Hot Chip's "How Do You Do" and a yet-untitled new one from Tensake mesh easily with house classics like T-Coy's "Carino" and Röyksopp's remix of Felix da Housecat's "What Does It Feel Like."



Truss / MPIA3, RA.351 (February 18th)

Nail-hard, back-to-basics techno – the kind of machine-oriented music that made Surgeon and Adam X underground DJ kings in the mid-'90s – has been on an upswing recently. London producer Tom Russell is a prime example, as both Truss and MPIA3. His edition of dance site Resident Advisor's podcast works as a primer for this new wave of brutalist techno, grounding it in Nineties touchstones by Der Dritte Raum and Pilldriver, and letting me...

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...ster favorites such as Blawan and AC Slater. It's an audacious gambit that he puts over with real vigor – a conscious statement his big-tent peers now have to catch up with.


DJ Koze, Fact Mix 387 (June 18th)

Daft Punk get all the headlines, but the wooziest widescreen dance album of 2013 is DJ Koze's endlessly lush Amygdala. He's also a joker, and this set for the weekly series for London's Fact Magazine features a robot voiceover back-announcing the tracks, a nod to both radio and reviewer-promo album advances. It's a lovely head-trip consisting of sixteen favorites from the year's first half – including three of Koze's own. If you're that good, why bother with modesty?

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