DIY Vs. Paid-16 Garden Tool Analysis

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DIY vs Paid - 16 Garden Tool Organizer Solutions (for Inside or Outside of Your Shed  Have you looked at the mess inside your garden shed lately?  Do you have tools scattered as far as the eye can see?  Do you find yourself buying new tools simply because you can't find the ones you already have? There is nothing worse than having a garden shed full of tools you can't find. Not only is this very frustrating, in the end, many of your tools end up getting damaged or permanently lost in the mess. A much better solution is to buy or build some form of garden tool storage. The big question is whether you might be better off building something yourself or buying a storage system that is literally ready to put together and use. Here we take a look…show more content…
Made from a pair of 2 x 6s that have been notched to fit the handles of your various long handled yard tools. You can use a circular saw or jig saw to cut the notches and vary the sizes to match the handles of each tool. The completed racks are nailed or bolted to the wall studs. The entire unit can be built in a couple of hours for just a few bucks. PAID - Holeyrail Garage Organizer The Holeyrail garage organizer is a long strip of industrial grade steel that can hold up to 600 pounds when properly installed. The pre-plated steel is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and comes predrilled for use with standard pegboard type pegs. These do not come with the unit, but you do get a set of ten PegStrappers™ to help lock the pegs in place. This organizer comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware. The Verdict We reckon DIY here. Although the paid option isn't expensive building a rack on a wall yourself is not overly complicated, and can be done typically with scrap timber found around the home. You can cobble one of these racks together in less than an hour and custom build it to fit in with your…show more content…
There's plenty of room for a small shovel, your gloves, some garden twine, pruners, and more. This unit can be easily bolted to the side of a raised garden bed or placed on a post in your garden. The Verdict For this one we choose the DIY unit, not only does it look really cool, but you get the pleasure of turning a few scraps of lumber into a functional work of garden art. However, if you are in a hurry and want a functional garden tool storage unit, mailboxes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, perfect for decorating your garden. All Garden Tools - Inside the Shed DIY - Pallet on Wall with Screws/Nails If you are looking for simple rustic storage that can be thrown together for cheap, nothing beats repurposing an old pallet. All you have to do is hang in on your shed wall and then start putting nails or screws in place to hang your garden tools. This style is fully customizable and is only limited by your imagination. However, you may not be able to hang heavier tools and if you use nails they tend to bend over
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