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When one thinks of the term “Black Power” what is first thought that comes to one’s mind? To answer this question successfully one must understand the complexity of the term and the larger movement of the Black Power. Depending on the organization, Black Power can refer to self-cultural awareness, self-expression of blackness, and self-embracement of the Black identity. For other organizations, Black Power can refer to self-preservation through violence and Black supremacy over all other races. This complex definition of “Black Power” highlights the complex nature of Black Power organizations. One of the most prominent organizations of the Black Power Movement, the Black Panther Party adhered to the definition of Black Power as a promotion of self-awareness. Whereas, its “successor”, the New Black Panther Party has been known for its supremacist and venomous ideology. How, then, are these two organizations then related? Why, if the two organizations have similar names, would the definition of “Black Power” be so stanchly different? While the Black Panther Party and the New Black Panther Party share a common name, this connection is the only plausible point when comparing the two groups. The Black Panther Party and the New Black Panther Party are a separate as Blacks and Whites were in Jim Crow Birmingham. They are distinct entities with completely opposite agenda and methods toward obtaining goals that should not be mistaken for one another.

The Black Panther Party was formed in 1966, with Huey Newton and Bobby Seale as its founders and executives. It was compromised of young Blacks that did not see the necessity of the more moderate stances of the Civil Rights Movement, such as employing the practice of civil disobedience. Addi...

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... against whites as the necessary step toward achieving success for the Black America. The New Black Panther Party makes a mockery of the Black Panther Party’s legacy.
To equate the legacy of the Black Panther Party to the New Black Panther Party is astonishing. The ideological differences are too grave and important to overlook. The Black Panther Party focused on Black Power through self-awareness. To embrace one’s blackness was the purpose of Black Power. For the New Black Panther Party, Black Power directly relates to Black supremacy. The adherents of this ideology believe that Blacks are the chosen individuals of God and deserve to be treated as such. The Black Panther Party, in history, should be considered far-left progressive movement while the New Black Panther Party is an ultra-Pan Africanist separatist organization or even a domestic terrorist organization.

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