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North Korea: A Crisis Behind Walls

For decades, North Korea has been struggling as a country. As North Korea spends their time and money on advancing their country, as far as nuclear weaponry go, they have neglected the general population of North Korea. This leaves many men, women, and children starving, homeless, and without the means necessary to work for money. With these problems at stake, each must be addressed individually and a solution must develop from further investigation on the following topics.
The UN says that North Korea uses food as basically a form of bribery to work and to provide for the government. Despite food shortages, the country has laws prohibiting people from defending for themselves against the government. It is illegal to protest or defend yourself against a governmental act. An example of this would be searching the country and looking for food. The UN says, the government is devoted to the country's nuclear program and on the wellbeing of their “Supreme Leader” who in this case is Kim Jong-Un.
As stated previously, one of the problems in North Korea is not that the people don't want to work, it's that they are unable to due to conditions and purely the fact that they are too weak to stand or move.
When relating to the topic of food withdrawal, the food that the North Koreans actually grow is usually destroyed due to extreme floods and various other natural disasters. Statistically, in only one city in North Korea (PyongYang) during one flood, 60% of all crops were destroyed. The rest of the crops in North Korea usually are taken by the government and cruelly distributed to the higher leaders and governmental branches. While many people in North Korea may culti...

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... resign from power and as a cause of this, lead towards the success of North Korea as a country.

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