D. B. Cooper's Crime Of Hijacking A Plane

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334 words

On November 24, 1971 D.B. Cooper was made famous for his crime of hijacking a plane. D.B. Cooper was never found and so never arrested either. Many people are still working on the case today! Some people try to do similar acts like D.B. Cooper. D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727, while carrying a bomb in his briefcase. He wore a black raincoats, a tie and loafers. He handed an attractive flight attendant a note, but she ignored it. Then D.B. Cooper said “Miss, you’d better read the note, I have a bomb.” The note said “Miss, I have a bomb and I would like you to sit by me.” D.B. Coopers was actually quite polite beside the fact that he told the lady he had a bomb. He then demanded $200,000 in twenty dollar bills, four parachutes, and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that d.b. cooper was made famous for his hijacking a plane in 1971, but he was never found or arrested. many people still work on the case today.
  • Narrates how d.b. cooper hijacked a boeing 727 while carrying the bomb in his briefcase.
  • Explains that d.b. cooper demanded $200,000 in twenty dollar bills, four parachutes, and for the gas in the plane to be refilled.
  • Explains that many investigators believe that d.b. cooper could not have survived the jump. brian ingram was fishing in vancouver, washington, when he found some money that turned out to be the same bills.
  • Opines that the fbi will never find out what happened to the money or who d.b. cooper was.
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