Cyrano De Bergerac Analysis

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Has anyone ever ask you what you see in a guy or a girl? Is it their looks or is it their personality? If you say personality, then read along to further agree with me. If you say looks, well I am here to tell you otherwise. In the play Cyrano de Bergerac written by Edmond Rostand, the main character goes through obstacles to win their love interest’s heart. The author leaves a significant message that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. The theme of this play is inner beauty and outer beauty. In the beginning of Cyrano de Bergerac, it seems like the theme focuses heavily on outer beauty. As you continue to read on, the play actually puts more emphasis in inner beauty. Symbolism is very important in this play. The letters written by Cyrano symbolizes Cyrano’s inner beauty because what you write comes from your soul which is shaped by your personality. Cyrano’s nose symbolizes his ugliness and his insecurity. Because Cyrano knows Roxane would never consider him because of his nose, he decides to help Christian since Cyrano believes he can help Christian win Roxane’s heart. “ “ ‘Together…show more content…
If you pay attention to the last scene of each end, it would always end up with Cyrano saying something. The point of view in this play is omniscient which is multiple perspectives. Because this is a play, it is obvious that there will be different point of views. Most of the figurative language is said by Cyrano because of the type of person he is. “ ‘ I’ll be as silent as a tomb. ‘ “ (p. 111). When Roxane didn’t want Cyrano to tell Christian of what he has to do, this is what Cyrano said. This quote is a simile. “ ‘An old acquaintance. We’ve met on the battlefield, among other places. I knew we’d meet again some day, but this time wasn’t the time for it. ‘ ” (p. 195). This quote is a metaphor. Cyrano was about to die, but because he did not want Roxane to worry, he said
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