Cynthia Cash Case

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The first issue is Cynthia Cash Will valid and enforceable. Under California Probate Code 6110, the requirements for a Will to be valid it must be in writing, signed by a competent maker of 18 years or older, and attested to by two or more witnesses. First, Cynthia did not have two witnesses when she signed her Will and dated. Second, when she wrote her Will on the napkin and attaches it to her typewritten assets it becomes invalid because her assets were typed and not written. Lastly, if one to make an argument Cynthia was not competent. The element of competent is forgetfulness, moments of confusion, and bizarre behavior on grounds that the Will was lack of competent. The reason for Cynthia to be competent would be that she consumed too much…show more content…
According to California Probate Code, when a parent dies depending on the state, a minor child as to be taken care of until the age of 18 years old and gives the inheritance right to the minor child. The deceased parent cannot disinherit the child. In this case, Cynthia Cash as a 6 year old son, who is a minor. If she passed away the child would need someone to take care of him until the age of 18 years old. Also, the court would protect the child. The court would take a current amount of money that the deceased as to go to the minor child in order for him to be taken care of. Her minor son would be taken care of based on upon the California Probate Code. Under California Probate Court, the court would favor of protecting Cynthia minor son until he reaches the age of 18 years old. The third issue can Cynthia attempt to add another Will to her existing Will and is it valid and enforceable. Revocation of a Will. A person can desire to change her Will over the course of her lifetime. The reason Cynthia can modify or add to her Will is by codicil. A codicil is a legal document that can be drafted to modify or add to a will. Cynthia can attach her new Will, the post-it to her existing Will, the napkin from “Cheaters”. This would become valid because it is a holographic Will. It would not be enforceable when she adds it to her existing Will because her assets are typewritten. The post-it would become invalid when Cynthia
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