Cyberwarfare in the Real World

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Cyber warfare, the use of computers to fight in cyberspace, is both effective in playing offense and defense in a modern day war. “Cyber war uses computer software to attack an enemy’s computer systems” (Smith). In today’s world, there is cyber warfare all over the place, you just cannot see it. Cyber warfare takes place in the “cyber realm” also known as the internet. The people that take part in the online “war” are the hackers, and their victims. The hackers can take control of their victim’s computer in a whole bunch of different ways. They can do anything from Cross-Site Scripting to SQL Injecting to even stealing your passwords to bank accounts, credit cards and more! Online warfare has grown massively over the years. In the earlier years, the hacker would take control of the computer and see what you were doing. Now, hackers can send crippling virus’s to your computer or the maintenance building of a corporation and shut it down for quite a while. The person that plays the biggest role in Cyber Warfare is called a hacker. A hacker is “a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.” All that a hacker would need to do, to do real damage to a company or any business at all is to get inside the control panel of all the necessary functions of the corporation. Once inside, they can send malware, a virus that can destroy the main functions of the panel, which would cripple the corporation for quite a while, before they could figure out what the problem was and fix it. Even then, updating their systems and being down would take a whole lot of money that they would not want to spend. Even the FBI Director stated that” he worries about the threats of cyber-attacks and that the risk has been growing over the past co... ... middle of paper ... ... Chinese hackers, but that would not work. They could fine them, but the Chinese could deny what was going on. Also, the Chinese could deny that they have control over the hackers. The use of computers to fight over the internet is known as cyber war. It is both effective in playing offense and defense in a modern day war. Today, cyber war is taking place all around the world. Someone could be sitting at home and attack a business on the other side of the world. The main people that take place in hacking are what we call hackers, and their victims. There are many ways for attackers, hackers, to get a hold of your personal, valuable information. Once they do, they can steal your life from you by identity theft, credit card theft and much more. Over the past couple of years, online attacks have grown massively, and will more than likely keep growing every year.
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