Cyberspace: A Blessing or a Curse?

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Cyberspace: Home, Sweet Home?

There is no denying the ambivalence that surrounds modern technology. In a world where apathy is uncommon, people could debate for days about whether technology is a blessing or a curse. But their deliberations are futile. Even if they came to a consensus, would it matter? Humans will never stop using technology, even if it is discovered that it is detracting greatly from their lives; they are willing to accept both the negative and positive consequences that come along with using it.
Technology allows humans to live longer (Arrison). 164 years ago, people were only expected to live to the age of 43 (Arrison). Today that number has nearly doubled (Arrison). And it’s not just the total span of years that has gotten longer; it’s also the span of healthy years. The number of elders with chronic diseases has drastically declined in recent years (Arrison). These positive effects have been caused by numerous technological advances. One of these advances is tissue engineering, which allows us to build new organs to replace damaged ones (Arrison). Tissue eng...

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