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Feminism - Simone de Beauvoir, journalist, women right’s activist, academic, activist, Philosopher defines feminism as women to embrace their sexual difference and for men to give women access to the political rights and the economic opportunities they deserve. Women must seize their own liberation through enlightment and be recognized in the public sphere as human beings distinct from men but equal to them. [11] Cyberactivism - activism done on internet is Cyberactivism, it is also called online activism, web activism, e-activism. It is the use of electronic communication, technologies such as social media, especially Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, e-mail etc. Cyberfeminism- Cyberfeminism is a term coined in 1994 by Sadie Plant, director of…show more content…
[18] Websites and applications dedicated to forums, microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking, social curation and wikis are among the different types of social media. Social media is interactive in nature. In last ten to fifteen years, the growing number of social media has made its impact felt to all over the world. Issues of corruption, social injustice, human rights, political dissatisfaction, economic issues, inequality, partiality, biases etc. are global issues being raised and discussed on social media. Arab revolution is latest and big win of social media impact. Protests in Iraq, Syria, Asia, America, China, Romania and so on are examples of online activism on social media. The Arab Spring demonstrates the use of social media to effectively inform the public in the country or outside the country and to organize in times when most of the media are under control or censorship (Allagui & Kuebler,2011). [19] Research on the use of ICT for activism and protests online on social media situates itself at the intersection between social context, political purpose and technological possibility (Gillian et al., 2008). [20] Social movement and activism is a social process in which mass or masses display their interests, say loudly their grievances and criticism and ask for solution or suggest. Then…show more content…
[24] In 1999, members of san Francisco chapter of Arab women Solidarity Association (AWSA- United) launched a website and email list to make a data of Arab women who uses internet, social media and interact under the titles women, Arab’s women, Muslim or of any religion. Writer has used this case study to explain how internet, social media, digitization, virtual world helps Arab women to constitute their identity. “Arab feminists have taken their activism to the safety of the internet in order to be safeguarded from unfavorable governmental restrictions, oppressive patriarchal systems and rigid religious practices in the Arab world.”. As per Al-Hibri,1994, p.161 “1960’s American feminists do talk about Arab cyberfeminism, but their discussions were remained limited to ‘veil and genital mutilations’’.

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