Cybercrime Case Study

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I. Introduction
Most people are familiar with Cybercrime or Computer Crime being crime carried out by use of computers or the Internet. With the growing use of the Internet it is no surprise to anyone that Cybercrime or Computer Crime has been on the rise and has been since the coming of the Internet and anyone can be a victim of cybercrime. Take for example in 2012, 7% of the U.S. population had their identity stolen from online (Harrell, Lang, 2013, pg. 1). There is no denying that the formation and growth of the Internet has had an impact on crime (Wall, 2011, pg. 8). The purpose of this paper is to explain and give an overview of the types of cybercrime, how law enforcement handle these types of crimes, and how prevent cybercrime.
II. Types
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Computer as a target means just what it sounds like. The computer system is infected or taken over by software that is intended to do harm to the device. These harmful software or malware attacks on computers can involve viruses, worms, Dos attacks, and hacking (Hess, Orthmann, Cho, 2017, pg. 547). Worms can be even more harmful than most of the others. Most people know that to get a virus you need to click some sort of link or take some type of action with the computer to get one. With worms however all they need is an open door, a network connection, and it will be able to infect many machines connected to the network and damage it unlike a virus that harms a targeted computer (Hess, Orthmann, Cho, 2017, pg.547). Many people in today’s society may be familiar with how harmful these malwares can be they may not know why cyber criminals choose to use them. One of the main reasons is extortion of companies. They do this by “threatening to or actually damaging the company’s computers, network, or web presence” (Hess, Orthmann, Cho, 2017, pg.548). By threatening companies to hack or infect their systems this way they are to extort large sums of money out of these…show more content…
The Center for Strategic and International Studies estimates that cybercrime costs the global economy over $400 billion per year, and that in 2013 over 3,000 companies in the United States had their systems fall victim to cybercrime (Cyber Risks, 2015, para. 3). One of the reasons that cybercrime is so prevalent is the lack of education and prevention by businesses and individuals. One of the biggest ways to prevent cybercrime is to keep your computer and other devices current with the latest patches and updates. This keeps attackers from exploiting flaws in software. Firewalls and virus protection software are some of the most common ways people and companies protect their computers and are usually the first line of defense against outside attackers going through the data coming in while accessing the internet (Norton, 2017, para. 5). These firewalls and antivirus software would be what protect businesses and people from computer as a target cybercrimes. Another good thing that can help is to have backups of original files and maintain them usually on removable storage devices that can be secured away. When it comes to protecting from scams, frauds, and other computer as tool offenses it is important for users to be cautious when online as simple as that may seem. A lot of scammers will use pop up warning or ads. A website

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