Cyberbullying: The Pros And Cons Of Cyber Bullying

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Social media has numerous benefits to the people around the world. Through the use of social media it allows families and friends the ability to keep in touch, even if they are miles away from each other. Social media allows people to be in direct contact through audio and visual connections with family through the use of Facebook, My Space, Instagram, and Twitter. With social media sites they bridges the gap among families and friends and allows for more of a closer connection than just a phone call alone. But while social media provides the ability for people to connect in a more personal way, cons exist with its use as well. One major drawback is cyber-bullying, an unregulated form of harassment and bullying which is affecting several youths…show more content…
While cyber-bullying and physical bullying are similar in nature, they still differ to a degree. Cyber Bullying is online harassment, intimidating messages, or threatening communications by a single individual or multiple individuals and is ultimately a misuse of the online social media system. Cyber-bullying is not face to face contact like physical bullying, where the perpetrator can be hands on with the victim, nonetheless equally harmful to the victim.
While both forms of bullying should be illegal and laws should be in place to protect individuals against being bullied. Cyber-bullying is difficult to catch and is a growing concern when it comes to our younger generations. The younger generations use all types of social media to connect to others and post tons of personal information about themselves. Cyberbullies find this information and feed off of it so they can continue to bully their
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Victims who face cyber-bullying may have changed schools and even deleted their social media account to help protect themselves from further bullying issues. “In 2011 alone, one million children were harassed, threatened or subjected to acts of cyberbullying on Facebook” by Steven White is the president and CEO of Image visual, social networks adapt to prevent cyber-bullying (Para.1). Individuals who have been bullied tend to have mental health issues, whether short term or long term. Victims may not want to be around anyone else isolating themselves from the world. They may develop low self-esteem, have increase stress and anxiety, may become angry at the world for not protecting them, and may lose confidence in themselves and in worst case situations, suicide as they cannot handle the bullying
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