Cyberbullying Should be Illegal

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Many people believe that cyberbullying has a negative effect on society because it is the use of electronic communication to bully a person by sending pictures or messages to the person that you dislike. Also they use technologies to bullying you such as mobile phone, Facebook, mail message. The effect of cyberbullying can be very harmful to the person like teachers, friends or other members at your school. It is clear that cyberbullying should be prohibited for several reasons. The first reason why cyberbullying should be banned is it can affect your life such as students do not want to go to school and people do not want to go to work. Secondly, the bully will affect the mind and the body of people who were bullied. Finally, cyberbullying can against the law. In my opinion, it is clearly that cyberbullying is unlawful. Firstly, cyberbullying can affect your life. Cyberbullying is one of the serious problems that teenagers have to face. Also it can have a negative effect on young people. It can make a person life difficult to lives or go to school or works. People around you will ...
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