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Cyberbullying Within the world today, computers, phones, tablets and other technological devices form our everyday life. While many of these devices are important to our ordinary routines, they can be detrimental in many ways; one of these being cyberbullying. Cyberbullying, as described in Technology in Action is “the involvement of the use of digital technologies such as the Internet, cell phones or video to bully another” (Evans, Martin and Poatsy). For many years, cyberbullying has affected many individuals nationally and globally in which many have stepped in to help. Cyberbullying has become a challenge to the human society through mental, physical and emotional aspects, however in recent years there has been ways to pinpoint cyberbullying…show more content…
Schools in the United States are prone to cyberbullying in which violence can occur. Seen among most of the adolescent population, the harassment online through words and pictures does not stop with disputes, they often lead to face to face confrontation. In many cases, violence such as pushing, tripping and even fighting with the intent of hurting another occurs. Cyberbullying can not only lead to social harassment among many people, but it can also cause mental and emotional pain among youth and adults today. In recent studies, many people that have been victims of cyberbullying are more likely to have low self-esteem and may consider hurting themselves through suicide (Bullying Statistics ). Suicide is referred to the act of one hurting themselves through cutting, shooting or overdosing. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in the recent attempts of suicide within the last decade, many referring back to forms of bullying (Bullying and Suicide). While there may be many emotional effects on a victim of cyberbullying, there are also many mental effects on the body. For instance, throughout the teen years, many want to stay independent throughout situations such as bullying in order to obtain from further humiliation from parents or guardians. Many teens begin to internalize their problems and can initially cause feelings of helplessness…show more content…
Within many states, law enforcement as well as government officials are beginning to examine the overall death and violence rate among bullying. Although there is not a set law labeled cyberbullying within itself, there are many laws that undergo the meaning of bullying through internet communication. Within the state of South Carolina, the Safe School Climate Act enacted by the General Assembly in 2006, promotes anti-bullying within school systems (South Carolina ). Within each section of the law, ways of bullying are described in which many refer to the act within the school itself rather than extracurricular occurrences. As mentioned, there are many violent and harmful acts done within cyberbullying cases that can lead to death. Throughout the United States, there has been many cases of suicide that have been caused by cyberbullying. While suicide is an individual choice, many are charged by law enforcement and government officials due to the act. Within the state of Florida, for instance, two girls of the age twelve and fourteen were charged with felonies as they were perpetrators of the death of one young girl. The victim, Rebecca, killed herself in regards to 15 girls over the span of time bullied her over social media and text messaging (Stanglin and Welch ). Throughout Rebecca’s story, many people were able to recognize the overall effects of

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