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With advancements in technology there usually come drawbacks. With the current generation having access to social media whether on the computer, cellular phones, tablets, or any object that can access wireless internet. With this new front bullying has taken on a new form where the bully or bullies hide behind technology to harass their victims. But it is not limited to one on one interaction such as through email, instant messager, text, Facebook, or Twitter, but it can also include: sending private pictures, hacking or gaining access to accounts, or making threats, or slander. A study done by the Hartford County Examiner reported that about half of teens have been the victims of cyber bullying and even those bullied have admitted to participating in cyberbullying themselves. Few teens will even admit their cyberbullying to their parents or even law enforcement. To add to frustration if reported, “a mere 12 states impose criminal sanctions on cyberbullies”. (STUDY: Kids Who Are Cyberbullied Are 3 Times More Likely To Contemplate Suicide, 2014) A heavier emphasis has to be brought to the forefront to teens and children. Many do not even release that they are involved in the cyclical cycle that is cyberbullying. Teaching them that technology can help us in so many ways and that the abuse is causing problems all across the globe. Starting in the 2000’s, cyber bullying is slowly become a norm in our society. At this point in time personal computers were small enough due to small and essential for the household. Companies such as AIM through AOL and Yahoo messenger through Yahoo became popular form of communication for children and teens. By 2004 sites such as Facebook or Myspace added another way to communicate or stay connec... ... middle of paper ... ...teens and young adults must realize that their actions anonymous or not have consequences. With the influx of cyber bulling it is essential that laws and preventive measures are put into place to keep teens, children and young adults safe. Parents most take a more proactive role to make sure their child knows that home should be a safe environment for open dialogue so problems can be identified and the proper channels deal with the problem. Any internet should make sure their accounts are secure by never telling your personal passwords and by changing them often to cut the risk of hacking into their personal information. All should be aware of the weight words have. There’s an old saying that says that words can create but also destroy. Words can be used to express love or give compliments but they can also be used to ruin others with negative and hateful comments.

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