Cyber Warfare: What Is Cyber War?

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What is Cyber War?
Cyber war in simple term means the use of computer technology to disrupt the activities of a state or organization by disabling financial and organizational systems by stealing or altering classified data to undermine networks, websites and services via the Internet through computer viruses, Denial-of-Service attacks, etc.
Cyber war is a virtual conflict initiated as a political attack on the enemy’s computer and information system. Cyber war is also known as ‘Cyber Warfare’.
These attacks are committed by so called ‘Cyber Warriors’, who are individual with high level of technical skill, paid by a State to commit acts of cyber warfare.

How does Cyber Warfare take place?
Cyber war occurs through internet and computer
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The ‘Cyber Warriors” are not a bunch hackers with a knowledge of just hacking a system. These are professionals with a malicious intent and a profit interest. These may be hackers, ex- professionals of a company, enemies, etc. In cyber warfare, “threats may be known but the enemy may be invisible.”
Most of the nations are now preparing themselves in order to protect themselves from such cyber attacks which may cause a loss to life, economy or infrastructure.

Methods of attacks
There a various methods to attack a computer or network of computers. The method depends upon the attacker’s goal, i.e. what he wants to target. Various methods of attack are as follows:
1. Espionage and National Security Breaches
Espionage is the act of obtaining secrets, sensitive or classified information from rival groups, competitors, government or enemies for military, political or economic advantages by illegal methods of exploitation on internet, software and network of computers. In simple terms it is a method of spying on other nations and their organizations in order to gather data and information about the enemy.


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