Cyber Security: Data Security

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Data Security
Data Security is critical in the computerized world we live in today. Cyber Security is a big part of data security in the United States and all parts of the world that rely on networked computers in a business and personal environment. The business and personal environment is more difficult to separate with all computers touching the Internet. Businesses have more responsibility to keep their data safe than someone working personally on the Internet.
The federal government is deeply involved in the ways data is handled in this country. Since electronic data is such a big part of everyone’ s life in the United States the government does not have a choice but to get involved. The question always arises; how deep should they get involved. I think
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I was not qualified to do this work so we tried to hire a networking and security company in Charlotte. We rented a secure server room at Time Warner Telecom and purchased a lot of new computers, but we could not find a security firm that we could hire. Once they found out who did the hacking, the firm would dump us before getting starting. We could not prosecute the hacker because they were part of the family.
The hacker took control of the company and then destroyed the company. I have always had a great interest in computing and since I lived this nightmare, I have even a greater interest in networking and cyber security. I understand some of the problems that can arise out of the improper management of computer security.
I have always questioned what if someone could get into a network by bypassing all security and tapping into the server without even logging on. I understand a lot more now by doing the assignments. I understand that it is not that simple. If a network is set-up with proper security, then it would take too long for someone to hack a
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