Cyber Security Case Study

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Nowadays, the using of digitalised information systems has become an essential part of every business. This is because modern dynamic and high speed community requires quick responses and a high speed communication. In addition, this technology gives an opportunity to search, operate and create valuable information from enormous amount of data. Thus, having information systems in collaboration with information communication technology is essential for every organisation. Moreover, that right information gives enormous opportunity and competitive advantage for owners. It is clear that these technologies bring huge opportunities and benefits for the business. However, information as valuable staff is very attractive for criminals and competitors,…show more content…
Thus, every organisation should act in order to protect their information communication technology and valuable information. This means that company should has chief information security officer (CISO) and special information security department, which will organise all those actions. Moreover, to be successful, the information security department must develop productive relationships with other departments and chief level officers within the company. However, cyber security also must be concern of other chief level officers. Organisation have different types and number of chief level officers depending their business nature. Each of those “C” levels has a different responsibility before executives concerning their direct responsibilities and indirect responsibilities, such information security…show more content…
CHROs are responsible for managing and control HR departments. As a heads of this departments, they should be familiar with processes such as recruiting and training personal. They should instruct HR department’s workers carefully inspect for an each potential employee’s background during the employee selection process. This can prevent and identify insiders at an early stages. In addition, CHROs are responsible for developing and publishing different corporate policies. In cooperation with the IT team they should present a clear IT policy. Moreover, they responsible for an integrity and a safety of the employees’ personal data, which may contain NHS number, addresses and bank account numbers. CHROs should be accurate with such valuable data and provide access for this information only for authorised persons. Losing such sensitive data might leads to the huge financial and reputational damage for the company. (EXAMPLE OF DATA BREACH). The next thing, which CHROs should keep under control, is talent management, or right people for right place in other words. This means that only skilled persons should work in responsible positions. Otherwise, this might lead to enormous problems for the organisation. For example, if employee with sales background will be head of IT department, who does not know basic principles of IT, he can spend IT budget in wrong direction (AAN case study). So it will be vulnerability for the
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