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In Greek mythology, the Theogony recalls the lineage of Greek deities. Part of the story contains information about a monster named Orthrus. The beast is a two headed dog that was responsible for guarding the island. However, Orthrus was eventually slaughtered by the epic hero, Heracles. Obviously, a two headed, monster dog has potential to bring about catastrophe. But trained in the correct way, Orthrus could have been a valiant watchdog and become an honorable hero in Greek legend. Technology in the present is very much like Orthrus in that progress and advances can lead to a positive or negative impact on the world. The internet is a two headed beast; one head could allow positive evolution while the other head could bring about chaos and destruction. The internet and cyber security have become beasts wielding great power. The power and danger present in cyber abuse must be addressed. The world is in desperate need of a Heracles trained in the arts of cyber warfare and cybercrime.
Cyber security is quickly becoming a major factor in business management, government interaction, and personal privacy. Many people in the United States are constantly communicating over devices such as phones or computers, and the use of such devices will only continue to increase. With the abundant use of technology, the possibility of being attacked also increases. The more people using technology will create higher probability of attack. Although the media is just now catching on to cyber-attacks, the perpetrations occur more often than in the past. The trend of using cyberspace as a battlefield more than likely will become more pervasive and common. This trend also questions whether or not technology should have limitations or restrictions. I...

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In conclusion, Blakeslee makes a reasonable and compelling argument to use education to help fight and prevent cybercrime. Time is also another important factor to recognize. Due to rapid technological advances in the last thirty years, time maybe the only real remedy for cyber security. The Orthrus of technology is a beast that can be tamed. Heracles does not have to destroy the two-headed monster, and we do not need to completely destroy the use and access of the internet. However, great care in cyber security must be taken in order to provide safety and tranquility. Whether education or time, litigators and the average citizen must realize that work and energy must be put into fighting cybercrime.

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