Cyber Ethics: Principles to Combat Hacking

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Issues of ethics and professionalism had been touch frequently in our current society lately. Experts from a particular field usually and logically should behave professionally or show their expertise to the civilian. However, in fact they are working oppositely and crime their expertise with their knowledge. This actually brought troubles to the outsider or victim and causes them to loss their property or reputation.
In information technology field, issue regarding to ethics and professionalism had been given name as cyber ethics. According to ikeepsafe (n.d.), cyber ethics is the discipline of using ethical behaviors and acknowledging moral duties to online environment and digital media. This issue includes hacking, phishing, copyright, downloading, cyber bullying, etc. The issue discussed in this paper, is the most problematic and troublesome - Hack.
According to Wikipedia (2013b), hacker is someone who attack and seek into a computer system or network. They may motivated by different kinds of reason such as profit, to protest, to challenge a system, to grab information, etc. There are 3 types of hacker which can be classified into white hat, black hat, and grey hat. White hat hacker breaks the computer security for non-malicious reasons where they are actually to test their own security system. Black hat hacker violates the computer ethics and hacks system for their personal profit. Grey hacker hacks the computer system with the purpose of notifying the administrative of that system has a weak security system and provide them a better solution with a charge (Wikipedia, 2013b).
Recall back to the incident happened in 3 years ago, our government websites had been hacked after received the message from “Anonymous” ...

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