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There has been a surge in the use of e-health based services creating challenges. Although electronic health records have many benefits, ethical issues arise in the use of information technology. Cyber Ethics is a code of responsible behavior while using the Internet (Know the Rules of Cyber Ethics, 2014). The fundamental concept of treating other people with civility applies online as it applies in everyday life. Healthcare organizations must be apprehensive about securing individual privacy and nurturing strong ethical behaviors. What are the ethical principles pertinent to e-health? How should healthcare organizations develop and promote ethics guidelines and codes of conduct for e-health based services such as websites, communication…show more content…
In such a case, an individual would be notified of some request to access their personal health information and in turn would authorize the information to be shared and/or released. Another approach is more of a protective action. This instance would have health professionals or information managers decide what makes for sound access and agree to act in the best interests of patients when access to health information requests are made. A different approach, normally used in the electronic medical record systems, is a general release to personal health information for access on a "need to know basis”. Still another method relies on the development of common, agreed upon rules for protecting confidentiality but still assisting with necessary information sharing. Useful criteria and on-line codes of conduct to help users understand the issue of quality and how personal information can be used by web sites are being developed by a number of groups. The Internet Healthcare Coalition’s e-Health Initiative (e-health Code of Ethics, 2000) announced the release of an international e-Health Code of Ethics. The e-Health Code of Ethics goal is to ensure that individuals can surely and with full comprehension of known risks realize what the impact of the internet would be in managing their own health or the health of persons in their care. “The e-Health Code of Ethics sets forth eight principles: candor, honesty, quality, informed consent, privacy, professionalism in online healthcare,

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