Cyber Bullying Should Be Legal

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Schools are having to frequently update their codes of conduct to deal with cyberbullying circumstances that have led to lawsuits. A school can be held liable in court for something that has happened to a student due to constant cyber bullying if the issue is not resolved through some type of discipline. Schools could be sued for ignoring signs of constant cyber harassment towards a student who eventually commits suicide because of the incessant attacks. It is necessary for a school 's code of conduct to embed new methods on how to deal with cyberbullying situations for current and future measures. School districts did not interfere with conflicts happening amongst students off campus until parents began to blame schools when the school did not take action to deal with the problems their children faced. To parents it seemed as if schools were allowing students to become prone to attack when disciplinary action was not taken to handle cyber bullying off campus. In the past, districts were fearful of invading student privacy, but so many cyberbullying issues have come about due to social media that exceptions have been made within districts to investigate student issues regarding cyberbullying at home . Due to the dramatic increase in cyberbullying, schools have begun to alter the codes of conduct to include stricter disciplinary actions for student issues on social media. A code of conduct is difficult to establish because every detail must be taken into consideration to decide on the severity of a punishment. Cyberbullying is one of the most difficult situations to handle because it often involves more than a single individual harassing someone regularly. Digital pile ons can have multiple people harassing a single victim, and ev... ... middle of paper ... ... make the victim 's desire to go to school diminish. Schools need to enforce the codes of conduct within every district to decrease the amount of cyberbullying cases that lead to tragedies like suicides. The codes of conducts within school districts need to be revised and detailed to explain thoroughly how every case of cyber bullying will be handled in accordance to school regulations. Schools should introduce a new program that is a part of the code of conduct regulations to help promote the communication between parents and teenagers in hope of preventing cyber harassment within the home. If parents take part in the prevention of cyber harassment by talking to their children, and the school enforces strict punishment against the use of school technology to harass any students, it can help terminate the bully problem in our community in a few years time.

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