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Bullying has been happening for generation after generation. Today’s society made possible to bully people without being face to face. This type of bullying is called cyber-bullying. Teenagers uses theirs electronics advices as weapons to attack other people with hurtful things though the use of text messaging or social networking websites. Cyber-bullying can “damage a person emotionally” (Media). It can also make them have low self-esteem. In our society today, cyber-bullying is a new type of problem that many teenagers have to face.
“Cyber-bullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person(Media).” It can happen anywhere there is access to internet. Cyber-bullying usually happens in high schools and middle schools. Cyber-bullying doesn’t involve verbal or physical attacks face to face between people. It involves anything that is posted online. Posting online can include fake rumors, rude text messages, and pretending to be someone else. Like the traditional bullying, cyber bullying can be hurtful. It can make someone self-esteem to go down and make you sense of security weaken. It can affect their health by causing stress and making them angry. Cyber-bullying can also affect how a teenager attendance at school.
There are two types of cyber-bullying. The first kind is proxy. In which it is “using others to help cyber-bullying the victim, either with or without the accomplice knowledge ( STOP).” The other type is direct attacks. The first way to direct attack someone is through text messages. People without realizing might send threats or hurtful messages. It can also have a text war. It’s when a group a people gang up on a person and send him or her hurtful stuff. Th...

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...e evidence, so that her or she can prove that they’re being cyber-bullying. The last step is to block them. “Most devices have settings that allow people to electronically block the bully or bullies from sending notes.(STOP)”
With this all new technology in our society, teens each day need to face cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is a worldwide problem, which happens everywhere you go. Cyber-bullying is accomplished via email, texts, and websites. It is threat to the teens today. It can make teen have low self-esteem, depression, anger and can even lead to suicide. There is many ways teens can prevent cyber-bullying. In order to keep their children safe, parents need to educate their kids, so that in the future kids can try to avoid facing cyber-bullying in the future. Since cyber-bullying is online it can be anonymous, which he or she may not face any consequences.
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