Cutback of American Opportunity Over Time

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The valiant master-mind of the mid-1800s, Albert Einstein, alleged potent words unveiling a great deal regarding endurance. He expressed that, “In the middle of difficulties, lies opportunity.” Life is nothing but an uphill battle; to be the victor and make a mark, one must take advantage of everything available. Taking advantage of opportunity is a crucial quality for fulfillment in American life. For a prolonged period of time, America was better known as “The Land of Opportunity.” The U.S. was illustrious of its abundant educational, religious, as well as economic opportunities. Unfortunately, as waves of immigrants stumbled upon the land of sovereignty, the myriad of opportunities gradually became muted. Although not completely dissipated, prospect declined greatly in America. The relatively preceding decades serve as evidence of diminutive progression in the U.S. as an upshot of reduction in opportunity availability.
With a parameter of approximately 16.43 million square miles, covering 8.3% of the Earth’s total surface area, America was once the refuge center of the world. For centuries, immigrants facilely toppled onto American grounds inquiring about a safer haven to fulfill their life’s reveries and aspirations. Formerly, colonization was an unproblematic task, Irene Patatoukos writes in her letter to the staff writer at Tampa Bay, “My relatives didn’t come here by filling out applications and waiting for a reply… he got off to explore the city and when the ship left he conveniently missed his opportunity to board” (Patatoukos, 1). Now, the immigration procedure takes an estimated 6 to 8 months if the individual’s case is approved. A mound of paper work is required to be completed, finger prints scans are taken, ...

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...(Mays).To become even a fraction of an inch higher on the ladder of pursuits, you must be dedicated. You must be willing to give in your all and strive for a fabrication conjured by the entirety of America. The “American Dream” is a representation for citizens to endeavor for. In today’s society, the “American Dream” is described as the pursuit of happiness; however it is unfeasible due to the innate greed and insatiability embodied within all humans. Americans direly reaching for a mere glimpse of the “American Dream” depict a scene similar to that of Tantalus, a resident in the infamous Tartarus of Greek mythology. He was positioned in a pool of water with a low fruit-bearing tree that would always recede from his mouth and elude his grasp respectively. Just as the fruit and water would always circumvent Tantalus does the “American Dream” circumvent our embrace.
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