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There has been countless times where people find themselves in need of help when it comes to finding that particular item in a retail store. However, there is no one around that they can go to. This arises a sense of anxiety and altercations can happen which leads to retail stores residing to managers to subside the situation. Although, the manager is the person to go to for situations like these, companies should not reside in one person to control a store. Aside from managers, companies do not provide their employees with enough customer service training, support, and help as to dealing with clients. Therefore, companies should provide outstanding customer service training, support, and help to every employee. Most businesses do not want to hire employees because they have no experience. However, how are these employees going to acquire experience if they do not get hired? Debbie Smith, a respected and accomplished customer service exponent in New Zealand, explains that the biggest factor in not being able to deal effectively with a disruptive customer is the lack of experience towards the situation. Most employees would not know how to react in an argumentative situation if there was no training provided. Consequently, a survey conducted in which over 1500 people were asked about what makes them tick when speaking to a customer service representative, a typical response was dealing with inexperienced or rude representatives and technicians. Other responses from such survey included speaking with multiple agents and starting over every time and being kept on hold for long periods. Another critical factor as to what makes customers irritated is the automated phone service. We have previously stated that being kept on hold ... ... middle of paper ... leads to loyal customers being worth ten times as much as their 1st purchase, while it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an old one. Consequently, Diane Mapes also states that in the future, price will not be the deciding factor in sales, but rather that customer service will be. In conclusion, we discussed the importance of customer service training and experience, the roles of a manager, and the importance of having a good supportive system for your employees. It becomes needless to say that customer service is necessary to improve the income of a company. Nevertheless, it is necessary to provide employees with the necessary tools, support, and training to make this possible. It is imperative to have everyone in the store up to expertise standards as to how to assess every situation, rather than to depend on a one-man army.

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