Customer Service Case Analysis

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Customer service representatives are in charge of collaboration with customers by means of telephone, email, fax, mail, or in individual. They are the first purpose of contact of the customer with the company. It is their obligation to answer inquiries, settle issues, handle complaints and react to requests. Customer service representatives are required in all fields; finance, assembling, medicinal and protection, just to give some examples. Bosses depend on them to secure helpful communication in the middle of company and customers. I have interviewed Mr. Jacob Dawson who is working as operation manager in customer care services department at Universal Techno Outputs (UTO).
During the interview; I have asked many questions to Mr. Mr. Jacob
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Dawson says there are really numerous problems of customer services; and what may be the main three problems for the company (Universal Techno Outputs in which he is presently meeting expectations) may not be problems at all for different organizations. The main problem with customer service is lack of training. At the point when employees are not completely prepared to manage their everyday tasks, they are more prone to commit errors that will get under the skin of customers. There must be sufficient time and assets spent on continuous training. To start with contract training is basic for advising the employees about the company vision, mission, objectives, and specific occupation obligations. More than that, there must additionally be continuous training that will update customer service representatives (CSRs) with new aptitudes, learning, and innovation that will help them arrangement better with changing business needs and…show more content…
Dawson additionally illustrates that the second problem with customer service is the lack of concern for a few CSRs. Converse expresses that if these specialists don't have the inspiration to love their work and care for the customers, this will reflect in the service they provide for the last. This is the reason the choice methodology of contracting is vital. The company ought not to squander money on contracting customer care representatives who don't have the right disposition for the occupation. Just those candidates that have the identity to serve customers calmly, professionally, and in an inviting way must be hired. The third problem is worn out. At the point when there are an excess of negative calls and problems heard consistently, much customer service representatives likewise become tired. The supervisors assume a huge part in guaranteeing that she knows why and when her subordinates are worn out, so she can help them revive their vitality and positivity. In the last he says that the company's first line supervisors and human asset administration must cooperate to give the right arrangements and mediations for these problems. On the off chance that these problems are not rightfully determined, they will drive down employee confidence, and additionally customer dependability and benefits, as customers become upset with the poor customer service and choose to switch
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