Customer Relationship Management

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The main goal of Customer relationship management is to create a strong bond between customers and the company. The strong bond can be build by focusing on the two main objectives of CRM. Providing the organization and all of the employees that treat customers with a single and complete view of every customer at every touch point and across all channels and providing the customer a single and complete view of the company and its extended channels (O’Brien, A & Marakas, G. 2004).
To provide tools that help companies satisfy their customers, Customer Relationship Management Systems include different technologies. They use software such as SAP AG, Oracle, Siebel Systems, Epiphany, and People Soft. All of the mentioned software are web-enabled and they are the most used by business nowadays. Customer relationship management system help companies improve in contact and account management, sales, marketing and fulfillment, customer services and support, and retention and loyalty programs.
Using Intranet and Internet, customer relationship management systems can make customer information available to every employee in the company. This access to customer information will help employees to right away update and save relevant information for future interactions. Furthermore it will help professionals in charge of sales to successful obtain the required information before contacting customers. There are two types of selling used to improve sales which are benefited by CRM systems, up-selling and cross-selling. When the sales representatives find ways to sell an existing or new customer a better product, is called up-selling. Cross-selling is when sales representatives improve their sales by offering extra products (O’Brien, A & Ma...

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...s long as possible. They are able to customize and personalize customers’ information so they can better attend customers based on their needs and characteristics. This benefit will help sales representative to better attend and satisfy their customers next time they need services t o increased revenue. Other benefit of CRM is that it enables companies to exploit new markets. In order to succeed, it is important for CRM to have employees that accept the change and that customers are one of the most important thing of a company. Employees who use software at work to save customer information are more likely to be more motivated and efficient. Consequently, they will give the best service to clients.

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