Customer Orientation for Business Success

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This paper will begin by discussing the marketing concept of customer orientation towards the success of a business. The meaning of adopting a customer orientation will be discussed thoroughly while highlighting the implications by featuring an organization in the said industry. Strategies to achieve success in the market by integrating and responding to the market’s demand will be addressed thorough out this paper. The relation between customer orientation and resulting in customer value creation and increasing brand awareness will be pointed out. Finally, It will then show how the strategies correlate with the effectiveness of the organization’s overall success.

The meaning of customer orientation, as clarified by Pride et al. (2012), is the perspectives seen through the customers’ eyes. Therefore, it relies heavily on the flexibility of the organization’s ability to adapt to changes of demand within the market. First of all, the business should identify its target market. Then, it would set a mark for the marketing strategies to be implemented effectively. A customer-orientated firm will relate and respond to the market’s demand. It would put the customer’s satisfaction as the core of their business decisions according to Cross (n.d). An example of customer-orientated organization would be the Spanish clothing retailer, Zara. With its success story as an international renowned fashion brand, it is the forerunner of the fast-fashion marketing firm in the industry.

As stated by Ferdows (2005), Zara observes the high fashion and couture creations then offers similar products to the market with less expensive materials, therefore at much lower prices. In CNN (15 June 2001), LVMH fashion director Daniel Piette has described Zara’...

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