Customer Orientation And Customer Diversity

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As the economy grows sustainably, Customer market continues to expand, which causing more and more people will pay close attention to customer needs and consumption. Standing direction of the enterprise and producers, the overriding goal is to pursue the highest profits in consideration of elements such as Capital, technology and customer awareness. Since the the customer is the most important consumer about the product, as well as the resources of customer remain one of the leading factors that are considered when companies make decisions in the market to get high market profits. The most important factor is customer-oriented with respect to this essay. In another word, this essay will talk about two related aspects. One is the customer orientation is defined in the Market and other types of orientation definition which comparison of market orientation,in addition identify both the advantages and disadvantages of customer orientation. Along with other one is the company demonstrated how to use the marketing mix show the customer orientation. Firstly, with the deepening and understanding about customer orientation, understanding of customer orientation is becoming increasingly important in the enterprise. Which means enterprise customer as the starting point to meet customer needs and increase customer value. On the same point, enterprise customers need to make analysis of the customer 's consumption capacity, the customer 's consumption preferences and consumption behavior. On the other hand, Producers need to focus on development of new products and innovative marketing tool to meet the customer 's consumption. It emphasizes the company need to avoid departing from the actual needs of customers, as well as according to custome... ... middle of paper ... ..., Complete customer orientation while ignoring the presence of competitors can lead to corporate management mistakes (Singh and Koshy, 2012). For example, American Delta Airlines issued to members of their rewards that they expressed their gratitude and take their customer feedback. Nonetheless with a high degree of imitation in operation, along with American Airlines, United Airlines will join the competition and give the same reward, This led to the company in the competition did not get any benefits, while increasing the cost of production expenses and services. To summary, in value of the company will enhance customer orientation, Prevent waste generated in the company 's production and marketing, and the company will also lose focus on the interests of competitors and the loss of capital, companies need to understand and avoid these hazards in their operations.
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