Customer Needs

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Customer Needs

In order to satisfy customers and to gain repeat business, it is

essential that Morrisons satisfies their customer’s needs. Morrisons

do this by providing the best customer service possible and offering

customers with their wants and needs.

By providing the best services for customers will align to high

profits and a well-known and liked business for Morrisons. This will

gain customer loyalty and ensure that they shop repeatedly at


The different customer’s needs are:

- product information

- after sales service

- response to queries

- range of products

- refunds and exchanges

- response to complaints

- response to orders

- signs and advertising.


Product information is demanded by customers because they want to gain

an awareness of what they are buying. Product information is vital

because it informs customers of what products consist of and also how

to set up appliances.

Product information is important for customers when they purchase

electrical appliances. For instance, if a customer was to purchase a

TV, they would need information which notifies the customer on how to

use the appliance and what this appliance does as well as stating how

to connect the TV in the right way and informing what the different

buttons on the remote control does.

If there is no product information, customers could be distracted

because they may become wary to spend their money. Customers demand a

bargain and would like to comprehend what they are buying.

Product information is vital for a customer when they are purchasing

products other than appliances, like food. For instance, if a customer

was buying a pie, they would expect to see product information such

as, ingredients, methods of cooking or heating and nutrition


Ingredients are important for all customers because of their

preferences, religion, diets and foods that are fit for their


Some consumers may not like apples. Therefore, they would read the

ingredients to see whether the pie contains apples because they would

not purchase apple pies.

Due to religion Muslims and Jewish customers would only eat certain

types of foods. Muslims will only halal meat because Islam permits

them to only eat this because it has been slaughtered in a special

way. Jewish people will only ea...

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Although Morrisons do not provide online shopping, it is likely that

they will have to respond to orders. For instance, if a customer wants

to buy a Heinz Baked Bean can and they were all out of stock,

Morrisons will tell the customer when they will order more cans. The

customer expects the order to be placed quickly and will want to see

the baked beans in the Morrisons store quickly and within the time

scale Morrisons had informed.


Morrisons advertise on television, billboards, leaflets through the

post and in shop windows. They make customers aware of the products

they offer and highlight what the bargains are e.g. buy one get one


Around the Morrisons store there are signs indicating where products

can be found which makes it easier for customers to shop. Hanging from

the ceiling and are clearly visible are signs that informs shoppers of

the different sections e.g. groceries, health & beauty and home &

leisure. Under the names of the different sections are headings e.g.

tinned foods, baby products and videos. This is so that customers know

there way around the store and can quickly and easily locate products.

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